So blessed…

What a blessing it has been to teach these church leaders! As we entered our last day of teaching, we had plenty of questions on basic things related to church ministry. Questions about baptism, the Lord’s Supper, deacons, pastors, and various practices of ministry. The questions were very good and reflected the hunger that they all had for being obedient to the Word of God.

One big issue is the time that most pastors take in studying the Word each week. Many pastors get ready for their sermons the night before the worship, and this is due to the expectations that the churches have on their duties. Apparently, there is a much higher value in ministering to the needs of the people than the ministry of the Word. Throughout the week, I had the pleasure of sharing about the need for the pastors to be ministers of the Word first and prepare for their sermons. To do this, I explained, the deacons had to take some of the burden off of the pastors.

This is a very young church in Nepal. While in some countries Christianity has been around for hundreds or a thousand years, here it has only been in existence for less than thirty, with most baptist churches only in existence for ten years or less. We are at the cusp of Christian influence in Nepal and the need is great for resources to reach more people. Teresa and I are excited for what God is doing in Nepal.

Pray for these young churches and for the servants in Nepal. Pray for them as they endure persecutions and hardships. Pray for their growth in the Word and for our new friend, Subash Pradhan as he leads the churches here in so many wonderful ways to grow and to be faithful to the scriptures.

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