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Your Struggle Is Worth It

Are you having a tough time as of late? Join the club! Scripture is pretty clear that we have to struggle in life. And it doesn’t help when someone says something like, “Oh, God is trying to teach you something!” It’s almost like, “God, please teach me less then!” I get it, life can hurt and hurt a whole lot on this side of glory.

But let’s look at the benefits of the struggle. Like a butterfly flapping rapidly to pump blood into its new but shriveled wings once it exits the cocoon, growth can be tough, tiring, and even terrifying. Yet good things can come of it! Even more, when we are in God’s Word and applying God’s Word to our lives, allaof a sudden, our struggles make a bit more sense. It’s a process that God the Holy Spirit uses: We struggle, we pray, we read, we apply, we repent, we worship, we grow.

Here’s another example, the growth of Moses through the time line of the Scripture: Moses was a bumbling, stumbling fool, given to impulsiveness and stupidity which affected him for years. He killed a man and was forced to leave Egypt. He saw a burning bush and went up to see it (and was this a good idea?). When God first gave him the command to save His people, Moses balked and made excuses. But as he matured in the Lord, he went from being a man of “slow lips” (and needing Aaron to speak) to becoming a man who would speak out to Israel with his own God-empowered lips. It was a slow, steady growth in his discipleship, so much that when Aaron performed his own acts of stupidity, Moses was able to rebuke him, too.

And he was humble, so much that he was called the most humble man that ever was. This Moses, this proud, impulsive, even possibly arrogant Moses, became a man that God could use, a man who loved God’s people and rescued them from their enslavement. He struggled, yet God took him through it and did incredible things that glorified God and prepared the way for the Promised Land.

How about you? Are you struggling? I know it’s hard to hear, but God really might be teaching you something. He wants you to be wise in Him, to glorify His Son, and to serve Him to make His name known to all the earth. Get in His Word, worship Him in a community of believers, and let God work His will in you. ☺️

We struggle, we pray, we read, we apply, we repent, we worship, we grow.


When the going gets tough, in what do you trust?

There are moments when you must step up and do the right thing for your family. While not getting into details, I have recently found myself embroiled in an ugly, sad situation in which I was actually concerned for the safety of some of my family members. I’ve had to give advice and support to those I love the most. Most of all, I’ve prayed for the Lord’s safety and direction for them. Yet I am confident that somehow, some way, God will get the glory and His name will be magnified.

But through this, it has brought to my mind a question that we should all ask ourselves when we are struggling through life’s difficult times: when the going gets tough, in what do you trust? Our culture and our own flesh tends to rely on the things that seem best and most convenient: the law, politics, emotions, even manipulation to somehow “win” people over and gain a “victory.” We see these sort of things often in the workplace, social media, or in everyday arguments. However, any so-called victory with these tactics and results are temporary and hollow. In fact, peace, true peace, is never found, only the absence of outer conflict for a season.

Therefore, to achieve real peace, we must be different. Our real trust is not to be on the what, but on the who. While the world will cling to their self-righteous, egocentric tactics based on nothingness, God’s people need to learn to trust Him first. Proverbs 16:20 says, “He who gives attention to the word will find good, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.” In the same way, Proverbs 29:25 says, “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord is kept safe.” In other words, God is always sovereign and always good, and will always sustain you through your issue at hand as you always trust Him.

Will there be consequences to a situation, including suffering and damage? Sure, this is the broken world that we live in, yet this shouldn’t matter, since God is still with you. Besides, by allowing God to be preeminent in your thoughts, feelings, and practices, He will lead you the right way and the right direction and even in the right methods to work for His glory. And along with this too, He will be your Comforter even now in this time of need.

Lay it all before the Lord, trust in your sovereign God, and let Him lead: “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him” (Ps 34:8). Praying for God’s peace in your time of need.

Pastor Fran 

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Thirsty Thursday: Readings from the week 

What I read: This week has been an exploration of various Psalms. In fact, tomorrow’s reading on Psalm 136 is what the message will be on for Sunday. 

Scripture passage that popped out to me: Ps 130:3-4, “LORD, if you kept a record of our sins, who, O Lord, could ever survive? 4 But you offer forgiveness, that we might learn to fear you.”

Reflections: these psalms are by various writers, many of which were sung by the people of Israel as they made their way towards Jerusalem. As you read these, you get a real feel for their humility and dependence on the Father prior to the celebration of each of the festivals. It’s even likely that Jesus and His family sang some of these psalms as they ascended to Jerusalem! 

Great Insight from Paul Tripp: Hang In There

Read this word from Paul Tripp in his Wednesday Devotion:

Have you ever been in the middle of a difficult season and someone says to you, ‘Hang in there!’ Maybe you’ve said it to a friend just recently yourself. I think we mean well with phrases like this, and our aim is to encourage our friends or loved ones, but let’s be honest: ‘hang in there’ doesn’t actually do much to lift our spirits or strengthen our resolve. If I can be even more honest, sometimes I think we say ‘hang in there’ because we’re…

Source: Hang In There

A Devotion: Serving in the Spirit

5 Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. Romans 8:5

Last night, I had a vivid, realistic dream, the type of dream that only comes on occasion. I dreamed that I was outside in a field preaching a message and that there was a crowd of thousands of people from many different people groups. As I spoke, I was also being shown on a large screen behind me, and I was sharing the gospel of Christ and how to live a life in the Spirit. One of my sons was also in the dream, and he was holding a camera as I walked around sharing the Word of God.

Suddenly, a man in the crowd asked me a question. He simply asked me how he too could serve God with his spiritual gifts. I responded, “First, you have to know Jesus, and then you have to find out how God has gifted you. Beyond that, find your passions and serve God in that way.” He nodded and seemed to understand, and I woke up.

handful_of_water_-_kolkata_2011-03-16_1999_croppedI told my wife about the dream, and being the ever practical one, she asked me what I thought it meant. I told her that first, God is doing something amazing and will keep on doing it, and second, I just need to keep doing what He called me to do, to live for Him and serve Christ with the spiritual gifts that He has given me. Such a comforting, encouraging thought!

Without a doubt, all Christians are called to do the same. We are to live and serve our Lord as we walk in the Spirit. In fact, you cannot separate the two. If you are Christ’s, you will serve Him because of a love for Him- there is no such thing as an inactive Christian! This is because when your mind is set on godly things “in accordance with the Spirit,” then you will reflect it by loving others, living in peace, showing patience and kindness, being gentle, and having self-control (Gal 5:22-23). Simply put, if you live a life centered in the Spirit, you will do what He says.

Jesus said as much, when in Luke 6:46 He asked the question, “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” and then proceeded to compare those who heard and then acted on His words to a house that was built on a solid foundation. As the Pharisees showed, talk is cheap, and a true ambassador for Christ is not just a person who “talks the talk,” but also “walks the walk.” We thus walk worthy of the calling (Eph 4:1), not by human power but by the power of the Spirit. This is a powerful testimony of a changed life in Christ!

Go. Walk worthy of the calling. Serve in the way that He has called you with the gifts that He has given you in the Spirit. Live for Christ, under the conviction of Christ. And as you walk in Him, and do what He says to love God and love others, you will indeed glorify Him now and for eternity.

Pastor Fran

First Ever African Study Bible (ASB)

From my lovely wife’s blog…

Dr. T's Food for Thought

I have the privilege of sharing exciting news about a Kickstarter campaign by Oasis International to produce the first ever African Study Bible (ASB).


What makes the Bible different? The ASB was developed by Africans for Africans— written by African theologians, pastors and leaders from 50 countries in Africa. The ASB was designed to grow the faith of African church members, teach them to evangelize their communities, and apply a biblical worldview to their society. Dr. John Jusu, the supervising editor, proclaims, “The content of the ASB is bubbling up from the cultures of Africa. The biblical truth is percolating through our own cultures and stories to create a rich and textured tapestry that Africans can claim as their own.”

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign, which runs from April 18 to June 16, is to raise one million dollars to print the first 100,000 copies in an effort…

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How to Fast: 6 important points to keep in mind

Fasting is a discipline. It is a time to get serious about prayer and intimacy with the Lord, turning aside from the usual routines in order to seek God’s direction and power. When you fast from food, you are reminded that you are dependent on God’s daily provision, and even the growling of your stomach will serve as a reminder to stop for the moment and pray.

We see multiple examples of fasting and prayer in Scripture, so this is a biblical, spiritual work to draw you close to God. Our church, First Baptist Church of Mt Healthy, is having a church wide 48 hour fast for this very reason: to seek God’s vision, guidance, and provision as we grow in our love for Him and the community we are located.

That said, here’s some items to keep in mind as you fast:

  • Fast Secretly. No one needs to know that you are fasting. Even though we are fasting church wide, there’s no way to know who is and who is not fasting. This is a discipline that’s between the Lod and you. Jesus said as much in Matt 6:18.
  • Fast Regularly. Let this be a steady, ongoing discipline that you do on your own every so often. Make sure that it’s a regular practice, as long as it’s not relegated to a cold, ritualistic activity that loses focus (Luke 18:9-14).
  • Fast  Purposefully. So often, we do practices without really understanding the reason and the purpose for them. Be sure that when you fast and pray, that there is a purpose to this time of intimacy. In other words, don’t just do it because others are doing it. Make it a memorable, faith growing experience.
  • Fast Wisely. not everyone can fast meals because of health reasons. If you are diabetic or have other health conditions, consider fasting something else. One good type of fast might be to have a time of no screens such as cell phones, TV, or computer. The point is to place God first and grow closer to Him, not to put your health in jeopardy.
  • Fast Willingly. nothing that is done for the Lord should be forced upon an individual. For example, the discipline of giving to the Lord is something that has to be done willingly and not begrudgingly. Likewise, there’s no difference in the example of fasting and prayer. Don’t just do it because one of your leaders says you must do this, especially if you think this is what makes a “good Christian” and failing to do it makes you a “bad Christian.” Such thinking is actually unhealthy and contrary to the concept of grace.
  • Fast Joyfully. When you fast, be joyful. There’s nothing worse than a person fasting and being grouchy about it- believe me, I know this from experience! As a guy who loves to eat, I get a little grouchy when I skip a meal. As a result, I have to really watch how I act, think, and speak to those closest to me. Kind of self defeating otherwise, right? Instead, follow Jesus’ commands in Matthew 6 and wash your face, showing joy instead of mourning.

There you have it. As you fast and pray, keep these things in mind. I’d love to hear other ideas and warnings. Any thoughts?

Pastor Fran