Major breakthrough!

Yesterday was the most exhausting, thrilling, exciting, and God glorifying day yet! The church leaders have been very, very responsive to the teachings on servant leadership, and I think that they are starting to get it. They are finding out how to practice this new idea for their culture (but not new for those in Christ).

We took a few minutes after lunch to share testimonies. I told about the story of my calling to ministry and how God spoke to me. The floodgates were then opened. One man talked about how he was saved but then backslid for ten years and was restored through the efforts of another pastor. Another man, an older servant in his church, stood up and talked about his testimony. It changed the environment in the room.

He told the story of how he was bit by a snake while he was sleeping. He has a little bit of swelling, but thought he was fine. After a few hours, his legs started swelling and his tongue started feeling numb. He was rushed to the hospital and was expected to die. His hearing went away as well as his sight. The man began to cry as he told about his last thoughts about Jesus. He prayed to Christ for his family and for healing. Suddenly, the numbness went away, the hearing regained, the sight restored. He was healed, and healed miraculously, and this older man has never stopped serving Jesus.

This is how the day went, as God healed and encouraged us all through His Spirit. He reminded them of their calling, and they in turn were ready for some very practical applications to ministry to be taught Wednesday and Thursday.

Please pray for the teaching time, that the men and one woman will understand and apply the teachings to these very young churches in Nepal. Pray especially for the spiritual warfare that is taking place here- it is major stuff and I hope to share more later. God is faithful and is working here!

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