Preaching and teaching in Nepal…

Saturday morning worship (their normal worship day) here in Nepal was an “every tribe and tongue” moment. We came to worship at Pokhara Baptist Church not knowing the language or customs but knowing who they loved: Jesus with all their heart. The singing went on and on with heartfelt praise, even singing in Nepali the song “Seek Ye First.”

The church was filled with worshippers, about 100 of them. The pastor, who began the church only twenty years earlier, was deeply loved by his church and has done incredible things in Nepal through the power of the Holy Spirit. From this small church alone, at least seven new ones have been birthed with more being planned in the near future.

It was a pleasure to preach to this group of lovers of Christ on Saturday and to be able to teach leaders arriving from various places for the leadership classes on Sunday (today). It was even more awesome to see God at work in Nepal, and to be just a small part of the advancement of the gospel is a privilege and an honor. To God be the glory!

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