Day 4 (or something like that)

Okay, so somehow, some way, we lost a day. Call it the time zone thing, or traveling, or whatever, but we lost a day. I guess we got some time adjustments still to make sleep wise, but we will be fine.

On Thursday night as we arrived late at night in Kathmandu, we were met by large crowds of people trying to make a fast buck. Unfortunately, I paid someone much more than I should have for carrying our bags, but I was tired and wasn’t thinking. Oh well.

We got to our hotel after a wild and wacky trip through the streets of Kathmandu, all the while involving honking, turning, changing of lanes and the cutting off of other vehicles large and small. It was like Mr. Toad’s wild ride on steroids. Our contact for the school, Mr. Pradhan, met us with a wonderful smile and a welcoming spirit. Unfortunately, we miscalculated somehow and thought we had one day in Kathmandu to rest, but we had to get up the next morning at around 5:30 to catch the bus for Pokhara. We went to bed around midnight.

We both woke up at 2 am since our bodies still thought it was noon at home and decided to just get up and try to sleep on the bus later on. I somehow, someway caught the Reds vs. Giants game on live tv (yay!) but saw them lose (boo!). We had breakfast and caught a taxi to the bus stop. There, we saw lots more street vendors trying to make a quick buck as well as a tiny woman who said nothing but begged for money.

The 7 hour ride was the taxi ride the night before on steroids. I guess you could say that it was Mr. Toad’s ride on Bain juice (sorry if you don’t get my references but I did say I was tired!). However, the count of Nepal is absolutely gorgeous, and the mountains that we were able to glimpse at times were breathtaking. It was great to finally arrive in Pokhara and in our hotel.

Pokhara is a very warm and friendly city. I didn’t see as many of the scammers that were plentiful in Kathmandu, just people trying to earn a living. However, there are many, many people who have never heard the gospel. The multiple god worship is plentiful and there are many that worship nothing. Please pray for this mission as we begin Saturday morning with the preaching in the worship service at the baptist church here in Pokhara. Pray that we get some rest, that we adjust to the time changes, and that the contacts we have already made with merchants can result in opportunities to share Christ.


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