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Christmas Poem 2014

‘Twas the night before Christmas, yet why do we share,
All the holiday gifts, all the ways that we care?
What’s the reason we bring, the songs that we sing,
The bells that we ring, or the lights that we string?
Why the traditions we hold, the greetings we’re told,
The sayings of old, fun stories retold?

Why do we impress, with our savory fest,
In our proper attire, and our time by the fire?
Or our family we greet, for a day that we’re sweet,
Smiling together we meet, and together we eat?
And so, why is it done, the purpose of fun,
What’s it about, beyond a shadow of doubt?

Why it’s the Savior, of course! The gospel in force,
The reason, the source, of all to endorse,
For without Him, it’s empty, it’s really lacks plenty,
It’s missing a beat, a joy incomplete,
It’s a purpose you miss, a true joy and true bliss,
For Christmas without Jesus, is awfully so grievous,
Because the truth is so near, this truth I hold dear,
The truth is so clear, if only you’d hear.

So as I write this expression, I ask a big question,
And I ask you sincerely, to you I know dearly,
Why the traditions you hold, yet you reject what was told,
Of the Christ child, the King, the hope that we cling, the joy we sing, this marvelous thing?

It seems silly to me, to look and not see,
the hope that’s in me, the life that is free,
For the gospel is in view, and this applies to you too,
when it’s all done and through.
So find Jesus today, receive the gospel and pray,
there’s no need to delay,
And this Christmas I say, that you can find the true Way,
that which the angels displayed, that what the Magi did say.

And when it’s all done, and you’ve heard through and through,
I pray and I hope today’s different for you,
As you grasp with your heart the great gospel in view,
and proclaim with a passion along with me too,
These words of love, the peace that’s renewed:
“Merry Christmas to all, and Merry Christmas to you!”candlelight1

A Prayer for the Prodigal Son

Dear Lord, I bow to You with all I have for this dear child,
My salty tears, my soul bitter and torn, I pray for this lost soul.

The truth has been taught, the love shown, and the life lived, though none of this seems to matter.
None of this has appeared to make a difference.

This soul has left, gone far from the land you have provided.
Covered in sin, focused on self, blinded by the god of this world.

Withering away in turmoil, this child suffers from the evil arrows.
Yet pride works, pleasure imprisons, and this soul wanders without aim.

Shake this earth, Lord, and bring this child home!
Home to the narrow path, the righteous path, the only path.

The examined life worth living
is only worth living in You.

And I will run at the sight of this child, yes, I will run to this soul!
I will embrace while trembling, I will open my home!

I will sing of Your purpose, I will shout of your grace, I will be humbled before You!
I will praise Your victory over sin’s effects, over the turmoils of life!

You are the God of light, the God of love, the God of salvation!
You are the God of a hope and a future!

You have made the difference, O Lord, You have mattered!
To live is Christ, and I know that Your love and truth reigns!

I praise You now with a renewed hope, an awe with tears of joy!
Dear Lord, I bow to You with all I have for this dear child!

See Luke 15:11-32

God’s Plan

Darkness covered and the Spirit hovered,
Words were spoken, Creation unbroken,
Light, land, animals, man,
All a part of the Master’s plan.

Garden of Eden, life without ceasing,
The serpent slithered with temptation’s teasing,
Sin, pain, death, Cain,
All been tarnished by rebellion’s stain.

Noah’s ark, clouds gone dark,
Drop upon drop removing life’s spark,
Rain, stop, ground clear,
A bow is shown, nothing to fear.

Righteous Abram, promised son, Jacob and Joseph, to Egypt they run,
Cries of the Hebrews, Moses removes shoes, God’s grace rescues, Israel’s good news.
Snake, blood, frog, fly,
Red Sea crossing, power from on High.

Joshua’s conquest, foes defeated,
Judges, invaders, Judges, repeated,
Samuel, Saul, David’s call,
Solomon’s wisdom, Solomon’s fall.

Idolatrous kings, judgment this brings,
Prophets were preaching, the Word they were teaching,
“Repent!” they exclaimed, “Messiah!” they proclaimed,
Obstinance, they maintained, Judgement then remained.

Centuries of silence ensued, the hope of Messiah renewed,
The birth of the King, the joy it would bring,
The perfect life, the great sacrifice,
Arose from the grave, a world to save, God the Spirit He gave.

Salvation full, salvation free,
Salvation comes to all who see.
Not born of works or the will of man,
Salvation comes from the Great I AM.

Fran Trascritti
December 25, 2013

Copyright © 2013 Dr. Francis Trascritti, all rights reserved.