God’s Plan

Darkness covered and the Spirit hovered,
Words were spoken, Creation unbroken,
Light, land, animals, man,
All a part of the Master’s plan.

Garden of Eden, life without ceasing,
The serpent slithered with temptation’s teasing,
Sin, pain, death, Cain,
All been tarnished by rebellion’s stain.

Noah’s ark, clouds gone dark,
Drop upon drop removing life’s spark,
Rain, stop, ground clear,
A bow is shown, nothing to fear.

Righteous Abram, promised son, Jacob and Joseph, to Egypt they run,
Cries of the Hebrews, Moses removes shoes, God’s grace rescues, Israel’s good news.
Snake, blood, frog, fly,
Red Sea crossing, power from on High.

Joshua’s conquest, foes defeated,
Judges, invaders, Judges, repeated,
Samuel, Saul, David’s call,
Solomon’s wisdom, Solomon’s fall.

Idolatrous kings, judgment this brings,
Prophets were preaching, the Word they were teaching,
“Repent!” they exclaimed, “Messiah!” they proclaimed,
Obstinance, they maintained, Judgement then remained.

Centuries of silence ensued, the hope of Messiah renewed,
The birth of the King, the joy it would bring,
The perfect life, the great sacrifice,
Arose from the grave, a world to save, God the Spirit He gave.

Salvation full, salvation free,
Salvation comes to all who see.
Not born of works or the will of man,
Salvation comes from the Great I AM.

Fran Trascritti
December 25, 2013

Copyright © 2013 Dr. Francis Trascritti, all rights reserved.

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