A Christmas Poem

It was a time of great silence, for God was not heard;
He was dead, it had seemed, not a whisper, not a Word.
To many around, life had been such a chore;
Roman conquerors, constant hatred, violence, and more.
For years had gone by, 400 about;
Not a prophet, nor a miracle, nor a sign that went out.

But then a young virgin was expectant with child,
A miraculous baby, so meek and so mild.
He was the answer! He was the Word!
He was the fulfillment of all we heard!
This babe, born in the worst of all places,
This babe, this King, held with sweet embraces.

The Word made flesh, God and man in One,
This babe who would redeem, God’s one and only Son,
He’s Jesus the Chosen, Jesus the Lamb,
Jesus Messiah, the Great I AM.

So as you reflect on this special night once again,
With family and neighbor and family friend,
Remember the reason, remember the Son,
Hold on to the gospel of Christ that begun,
In a humble stable, with the angels above,
With the hand of the Father, with the Spirit of love.

Therefore praise Him, for His gospel for man,
Look back and thank Him, and praise His great plan:

May the season be His and that God gets praised,
May His Light shine eternal and His worship is raised;
May we praise God for His working, for His mercy and grace,
May we thank God for His plan in saving our race;
May we wish Merry Christmas, to all that we see,
May Christ’s peace be shown,
May Christ’s joy ever be.

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