A Firm Foundation

This week, I lost my dad, but the Lord gained a faithful servant in Heaven.  My dad was a man who would light up a room whenever he entered it.  He was a successful businessman throughout his life and worked hard in every way.  However, none of that mattered for him once he met Jesus almost 27 years ago.  Once he came to know Christ, he was never the same again.

As I work on my sermon for this Sunday, some things I wrote earlier in the week (and prior to dad’s passing) have become more clear today.  We are studying some important principles that Paul wrote to the church at Corinth almost 2000 years ago. The words of Paul ring very clear for me as I fondly remember my father’s life: all we do, all we accomplish must be built on a foundation of Christ. We must hold to certain values, and we must not veer to the right or to the left, because when we stand firm on that strong foundation, the gates of Hell cannot even stand against it.  

Today I write knowing that Hell has been conquered for one more soul. Death is overcome by Jesus, and my dad is experiencing a joy of God’s grace we can’t even describe. May we listen, follow, and hold on to God’s love and truth, and may we fight the good fight for Jesus!  Soli deo Gloria

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