The Great Commission Resurgence in a Nutshell

Since the passing of the GCR yesterday, I had multiple people ask simply, “what is it?”  Let me give you a quick run down of the GCR and what it means to Southern Baptists- covering all 7 parts of it quickly.  If you want more detailed info, go to

  1. A New Mission Statement for the SBC– “As a convention of churches, our missional vision is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the world and to make disciples of all the nations.”  My comment: nothing earth shattering in the change here, but it is an attempt to focus on reaching and teaching.  
  2. SBC Core Values- eight core values were introduced. Again, no issues here with anyone present at the meeting (of course, there’s always one or two curmudgeons opposed to anything).
  3. Great Commission Giving– this proposal was altered a bit to include an even stronger stance on supporting the Cooperative Program.  This proposal also directed the IMB and NAMB, along with the WMU to greatly increase the offering goals by 2015 ($200 mil for Lottie, $100 mil for Annie).
  4. Change in NAMB- NAMB is to focus 50% of its efforts on church planting, ending cooperative agreements with state conventions, and forging new partnerships to keep on their new task.
  5. Change in IMB– IMB is to be free to enter North America, focusing on people groups living in the US and Canada.  For example, Iraqi immigrants in Detroit will be able to be better reached using the expertise of the IMB and the church planting resources of NAMB.  
  6. CP Promotion- CP education will be taken on by the state conventions, with support from the Executive Committee (EC).
  7. IMB to 51%- 1% will be removed from the EC and given to the IMB.  This brings the EC admin fees from 3% to 2%.
That’s pretty much it.  I pray that we may get down to business of reaching and teaching- may God guide us in His direction!

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