Be Encouraged. Get Busy.

For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage; Psalm 94:14 ESV

In Psalm 94, there is a simple question being asked, “How long would the wicked prevail?” After all, injustice is everywhere, pain rules the day, and man has inflicted evil on man each and every day.

The immediate answer is also shown in this psalm: God knows all about the injustice. Don’t forget that He was the one who made the ear and created the eye, and He sees, hears, and knows it all. He hasn’t forgotten us or forsaken us. Instead, it is a matter of His perfect timing, because one day, His full righteousness will prevail and His judgment will take place as evil is destroyed. And at that time, His people will see that He has been with them all along, guiding them until His day of redemption. So we must wait.

Yet this waiting is not easy, because this fallen world has continued to exist for a very long time! Even today, we can easily see confusion, mayhem, destruction, and death in our culture. People are getting even horribly creative with committing sin, seeking pleasure and not purpose, seeking self love and not love for God and others. They are literally doing what is right in their own eyes, and even having the audacity and lack of shame to call it good. Sweet. Perfect.

But we know better, because Christ is better. We run to Him and His Word to stay encouraged and resilient. We look to His Spirit to strengthen us, to hold on to His promises, to look for Christ’s return. We stay focused on the truth that God will have the ultimate triumph over evil, over Satan, over sin. We embrace the fact that God will restore the earth to align with His will, and we hold on to that without wavering.

Christian, remain steadfast, remember that Christ will return one day to initiate the Day of the Lord. In the meantime, be encouraged and be busy: get out there, sowing and planting, working and harvesting, waiting for the final trumpet call and the glory of Christ to appear. Don’t be inactive but be active in your faith and life. Don’t be discouraged, but be encouraged. Jesus is coming, and we have much to do until He comes. And He alone will prevail with all of His glory. Amen.

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