Thirsty Thursdays: Some readings from God’s Word and His people

NOTE: I am going to try to post some thoughts from my readings on Thursdays as both an accountability and also as an encouragement for you the reader to thirst for the Word. Hence, the name  😉

What I Read: One Year Chronological Reading plan: IMAG00182 Kings/Chronicles, Isaiah 13-16, Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional, 365 Days with Calvin

A passage that popped out for me: 2 Chronicles 28:27, “When Ahaz died, he was buried in Jerusalem, but not in the royal cemetery of the kings of Judah.”

Why: Ahaz was a wicked king who relied on himself and worshiped false gods. While his son, Hezekiah, became a godly and reverent king, Ahaz died a faithless, rebellious, pitiful man who was not honored in the way that other kings had been honored. His legacy of falsehood was removed when Hezekiah destroyed his altars to Baal and others and reinstituted focused, godly worship to the Lord.

Questions to ask: What is your legacy? Do your children see you in the Word or in the world? Who do you rely on?

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