Pressing forward for Him

O Lord , you have examined my heart and know everything about me. (Psalms 139:1 NLT)

God knows Us. He knows our externals, like what others see, but He also knows our internal, innermost thoughts. This is why it is so amazing that God still loves us!

Amazingly, He presses us to a growth in Him for His glory. When we are discouraged, His Word comforts and strengthens us. When we are thrilled about something, He reminds us that we should cast the glory onto Him. God’s process of teaching and leading each of us brings us to a place where we can serve Him and show the world who He is. He leads us to humility, peace, and trust in Hs will and His way.

Look at the many accounts in scripture of this happening- the process of humility building happened to the best of men in the bible! Moses was one example. David another. Even Jonah was humbled in the belly of a great fish! The point is, we are called to the service of The Lord, and the service requires a character shaped by Him.

Are you willing to be shaped? God wants to use you. Just trust in His ways, seek His Words, and look to go deeper, farther, better for Him!

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